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Social factors

Directly social factors do not influence activity of the considered enterprise, however influence of these factors it is possible to track indirectly.


Technology factors

Technology factors render strong influence on activity of the company, as introduction of new ways and use of the newest equipment allows to lower the cost price of rendered services and therefore to increase volumes of its rendering.


Legal factors

The Given type of factors renders insignificant influence on work and profitability of the enterprise.. For the decision of fine legal questions at the enterprise the powerful legal service which tries to bring influence data of factors to nothing is created.


Demographic factors

The Given group of factors renders indirect influence on the size of demand on services of the company.


On the basis of lead PEST - the analysis it is possible to draw a conclusion, that as a whole the enterprise depends on factors of external influence as production of a factory will be always demanded a little, and stable positions in the market allow to conduct the independent

After definition of mission of the company it is necessary to establish the purposes corresponding it. Accepting the formulation of mission of the company as main principle, it is necessary to define problems and the purposes which would grow out performance of mission of the company.

The purposes of a salon "Pretty Woman" for 2009 it is possible to define:

Formation and development of nomenclature policy on the basis of marketing researches of the market;

Constant perfection and development of scientific and industrial base due to maintenance of close communication with fundamental science and its scientific achievements;

Development of production and services, competitive in a home market external the markets providing a stable demand at consumers and reception of steady profit;

Preservation and development of personnel potential by improvement of professional skill, a material interest, internal informing and maintenance of social conditions;

Increase of culture of manufacture and corporate culture;

Introduction of principles of continuous improvement in all directions of activity.

Precisely planned purpose is that important reference point on which it is necessary to estimate the received results from realization of strategy.

3.3. Implementation

The developed strategy can appear useless if the enterprise does not create the mechanism of its realization. It is the separate greater problem including construction of adequate strategy of organizational structures, financing of functional strategy, selection of the heads possessing qualities of the leader, creation of the corporate culture allowing all employees, it is better to open the qualities.

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