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Average data according to the European countries and show the USA, that hairdresser's studies (a base level of services) are through the house, interiors of middle class (wide assortment of services) one for quarter, and interiors of a class lux (exclusive services) are placed by point in city centre, in large trading complexes. The numerical parity looks as 10 / 3 / 1.

Speaking about the Moscow market it is necessary to note that in city today an obvious ov

3) Market. The market environment represents constant danger to the organization. To the market factors influencing successes and failures of the organization concern:

- Distribution of a level of incomes of the population;

- A level of a competition in branch;

- Changing demographic conditions;

- Ease of penetration on the market.

4) Technological. The analysis of technological conditions should consider changes in the "know-how". The head of any organization should watch not undergoing to " a shock of the future », destroying the organization.

5) factors of a competition. Any organization should investigate actions of the competitors: the analysis of the future purposes and an estimation of current strategy of competitors, the review of preconditions and branches in which the given companies function, the profound studying strong and weaknesses of competitors;

6) social behaviour. These factors include varying attitudes, expectations and customs of a society (a role of business, a role of women and national minorities in a society, movement in protection of interests of consumers, the attitude of a society to business);

7) international. The management of the organization, acting the international market, should estimate and supervise constantly changes this environment.

The analysis of an environment allows the organization to create the list of dangers and opportunities with which the firm collides this environment. For successful planning the management should have full representation not only about essential external problems, but also about internal potential opportunities and lacks of the organization.

To estimate and analyse influence of these factors on activity of a beauty salon "Pretty woman", we shall make the analytical table. (see table 1)

PEST -- analysis

№ п/п

Factors PEST - the analysis

The Degree of influence of factors on activity of a beauty salon "Pretty woman"


Political factors

As salon of beauty " Pretty woman " is the closed joint-stock company, political influence of the state on it can be shown only in the normative legal certificates, concerning labour safeties, to social privileges and so on … and economic influence of the state on the company will not appear, as the area of manufacture of cement is not the state monopoly.


Economic forces

As the company functions in system of rendering of services to the population influence of economic forces, such as inflation, devaluation, increase of a rate of unemployment and so on, certainly influence activity of interior. However, to secure itself against the critical negative moment of influence of similar factors, in the company there is a financial safety factor.

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